Roku problems?

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This Roku 2500x I've had since 2013 has always had problems streaming news and most PPV movies on Vudu. The news is on the main menu not an added app. Netflix, Hulu, Acorn, PBS and Some others don't have problems. It got somewhat better after changing ISP appx 15 months ago.  

It takes so long to load I'm wondering if this Roku is the problem, instead of internet connection. Most speed test are at least 6 Mbps. I've called tech support at ISP several times and they say its not caused by the connection.

I wonder if its the Roku?  

If I buy another one and it isn't better that'll be frustrating too.  

Does anyone have any suggestions?  

Is there a way to add memory to the Roku?

There doesn't seem to be screws in it to take out and open up the inside.

Re: Roku problems?

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I have two Roku 3's and a Roku 1. No problems with any of them on anything
that I've tried to stream. I'm not familiar with the 2500x, but I seriously
doubt that it is user upgradeable.

There are plenty of places to buy gear that allow easy returns if you aren't
satisfied. I'd say you should take advantage of that and see if another Roku
model meets your needs. I love my Roku devices and use them very frequently,
which probably explains why I have 3 of them.

Re: Roku problems?

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I'm wondering if you're using wi-fi for your video, or have an
ethernet cable plugged into the router.  You might try your
unspecified ISP's speed test both ways.  If wi-fi shows some
packet loss, there's your problem.

Incidentally, I have a Roku 2 XS, which is similar to yours.  I also
have a Roku 3.  I'm on a slow 1.5Mbit/sec DSL line.  Netflix, and
anything in SD works just fine.  HD and 4K are a lost cause.  The Roku
3 is much faster at responding to the remote and seems to buffer less.
Maybe time for an upgrade?

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Borrow a working Roku 3 from a friend and see if works any better. Or,
buy one from a vendor that tolerates returns.

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The muddle number is probably a Roku 2 500x HD.
< (2500X)>
Google for the correct muddle number followed by "teardown" or  
"disassembly".  There should a few YouTube videos on how to
destroy, err... disassemble your box.

Anyway, try it with a direct connection (no wi-fi) and see if it
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Re: Roku problems?

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Thank you Jeff

After watching a YouTube video I managed to get the cover off without destroying anything. There isn't a port for a network cable so can't plug that in.  

A YouTube video showed it might be overheating, It didn't help with the cover off, so no love there, it's still soooo sloooooo on news. It takes forever to load.

It might take a while to find someone who has one I can borrow.  

I guess I'll probably buy a new one and either have a spare or sell the old one on eBay. I don't really feel right about buying a new one and returning it if there isn't really a problem.

Thanks to you and everyone for your help.


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