Q: Best wireless card for AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer

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I've been evaluating the AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer with an Orinoco (Proxim)
Gold A/B/G card, but I notice the Orinoco reports weaker signals than the
Broadcoms we use campus-wide (in Gateway 405 laptops). The Orinoco is a PC
Card, while the Broadcom is mini-PCI, so I suppose there's a difference in
the antenna.

Obviously, we want our analyzer to give an accurate representation of what
our normal wireless clients see, especially for site surveys.

Can anyone recommend a wireless A/B/G PC Card for use with AirMagnet Laptop
Analyzer (and AirMagnet surveyor)?

Any suggestions are appreciated!

Re: Q: Best wireless card for AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer

I use the NETGEAR a/b/g WAG511 card with AirMagnet.

I had a bit of an issue with upgrading to the latest version of Air
agnet; but I beleive the problem is with the AirMagnet installation
routine not with card

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