Nokia D211 & Netgear DG834G - Won't Connect

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Can't get the D211 to connect to this wireless router at all. Can't
pick up an IP address - this problem in both 'ad hoc' and
'infrastructure' mode.

Router works fine with a Netgear WG511 Wireless LAN card, so I guess
the porblem lies with the Nokia D211. Nokia support is hopeless.

Any ideas gratefully recieved.

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Re: Nokia D211 & Netgear DG834G - Won't Connect

Well, no replies - so I'll answer this one myself (with absolutely NO
help whatsoever from Nokia UK). It's taken me ALL day to suss this one

The device is now working. Here are my settings on the Netgear DG834G
Wireless Router (The following applies to WIN XP SP2 for UK users):

REGION: Europe
MODE: b only

The 'mode' appears to be the most important change I made. Seems Nokia
D211 WILL NOT work if 'b and g' is selected here (D211 being a 'b'
device only). The 'b & g' parameter must confuse it somewhat. So -
select 'b only' in this combo box.

1. Enable Wireless Access Point
2. Allow Broadcast of Name (SSID)

Now, on the 'Setup Access List' ADD the NOKIA card, as well as its MAC
address. Then it should appear under 'Trusted Wireless Stations. ALSO
- check the box marked 'Turn Access Control On'. (Please note: if you
check this box and there are NO trusted stations listed, then NOTHING
will be able to connect to the DG834G router).

You can get the MAC address of the Nokia D211 by either:

1. looking on the back of the card (with a magnifying glass) OR
2. with the card in the PC opening a command prompt (START/RUN/CMD)
and typing <ipconfig /all> (without the arrows). At once all your
network connections and details should appear.

Furthermore, I DON'T think it is a good idea to have a wired network
cable plugged into your PC when trying to configure the Nokia D211.
This might have been part of my problem earlier. The computer was
getting confused between the two network connections. Perhaps obvious
to experts, but it's the kind of fool thing novices like me tend to do
when cross and pressed for time.

I hope this helps somebody from having all the bother I've had today.
Because, to be honest, there were several occasions when I was on the
point of flushing this Nokia D211 thing down the gurgle.

Yet, success apart, Mr Nokia IS STILL NOT forgiven for the appalling
level of support he provides for this product. So if you buy a Nokia
D211 and get a different problem from that listed above - based on my
experience today, you'll get pretty cold comfort from Nokia UK. It
looks very much as if, once Mr Nokia's gets your hard-earned cash, he
just doesn't want to know - unless, of course, you pay him MORE cash,
for premium-rate support, charged to your phone account at 75 pence
per minute. (That WILL be right Mr Nokia!! Not on your Nelly mate).

As for Nokia's method of telephone contact...? I won't even amplify
how bad I think it is. That awful menu system that keeps taking round
and round in circles getting you nowhere. The few 'real' staff I spoke
to (briefly) were rather cheeky too.

So, what kind of way is that to treat customers? You tell me.

The sooner Netgear starts making GSM/GPRS equipment and integrating it
with their easy-to-setup-and-use range of networking products - the
better it'll be for everybody!


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