No IP on boot with Netgear and XP

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My son's pc connects via wireless and DHCP. Upon boot it never gets an
IP address and reverts to 169... I then need to login to admin and do a
repair connection, then log him back in. The connection stays up for
the duration at that point. The router and PC are in the same room. Has
anybody else seen this? W634U router.  XP w/ SP2

Re: No IP on boot with Netgear and XP wrote:

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The 169 IP being assigned means the O/S could not get an IP from the DHCP
server on the router and it timed out with the O/S assigning the 169 IP.
Maybe, the card is going defective in someway.

If you have not done it, you could try doing an IPconfig /release and
IPconfig /renew at the DOS Command Prompt to see if an IP can be assigned
at that time, instead of doing a repair on the NIC.  

You could try using one of the router's static IP(s) and not use one from
the DHCP server and see if that will hold between reboots as a test.

You might want to get on the phone with the card's Tech Support and see what
they say about the situation.

Duane :)

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