New ISP Directory

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We are pleased to announce a new ISP Directory:

Cheap 56K was created by the original developers of ISP Rank to extend
on the ease of use,  innovative features, and cost-effective
advertising offered by that venture. It has been built from the ground
up to offer you and your prospective customers several exciting
features, such as:

- Phone number-based searches: Cheap 56K's search engine maps the
customer's phone number to your database of access numbers to show them
your numbers that are most likely to be local calls from their
location. Our crawler has already indexed numerous ISP websites. And we
make it easy for you to submit your access numbers via either a text
file or a website URL through our automated control panel.

- Press Releases: Added a new service? Expanded your coverage? Tell the
world about it! We offer this FREE of charge as a service to you. We
even include an RSS feed, so your audience can constantly stay informed
about developments in the ISP industry.

- Customer Interaction: Communicate with your customers through our
forums and review system. When a customer posts a review of your
company, you are notified via e-mail. If you like, you have the option
of issuing either a private or public response to the reviewer. As an
added bonus, the Top 5 Rated ISPs are featured for free on the front

- Customers can now post and view testimonials directly from your site!
Simply retrieve the code from your control panel and place it on your
website, and let us handle your customer surveys for you.

Check us out today! And if you have any further questions, please
e-mail us at or visit us at

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