New Gateway laptop with Broadcom network adapter will not connect

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I just purchased a Gateway laptop with a Broadcom adapter driver
version My router is a USR8054. I can see all wireless
networks but when I try to connect I get this error "Windows could not
connect to this network. There might be interference between this
computer and the network access point, or the network is refusing
access to this compter." . I have removed all security to no avail. I
have tried connecting through the broadcom utility with WZC disabled
and then I also tried disabling the Broadcom wireless network utility
and used WIndows XP to manage my network connections. Tried unstalling
the Broadcom adapter and reinstalling. Still no result. Have at least 3
other laptops and one PDA that connect to this router seamlessly.
Gateway tech support says it is not their problem. Running Windows xp
media center. Does anyone know where I can begin?

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