My symptoms, what is the disease?

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Here are my symptoms, what is the likely cause(s)? Windows 7, globe ISP,
globe supplied router. I do not have a direct line of sight to router,
but am using a super powerful half parabola antenna that the adapter
says is getting a 80-90% signal strength and quality. Alfa radio with
10Dbi antenna, so I am getting the signal bounced off a wall or not
directly in line of sight.  

Frequent adapter d/c from router requiring restart of adapter driver
(disconnect usb and reconnect). connection frequently restored after

Ping times sometimes good other time crawl to unusable connection or no
connection. No discernable reason.
Like from 63 ms, to 300 ms or lost packet.

Occasional ping replies of:
(paraphrased) your assigned ip not reachable OR general failure  

Occasional blue screens of death (win7), requiring reboot.

restarting router is of no help, shared connection and don't have router
reset capability, since don't have password to router.  

I am sharing router with one or two other users, one of whom is a gamer
and keeps changing the position of the router antenna to get better
connection for HIM, but no good for ME.  

I dont think this guy is smart enough to set the router to limit my mac
address speed, but I could be wrong.  

ALso was blocked from using a proxy checker that pings proxy ips and got
no replies, then suddenly it is working again for no reason.  

I get the feeling someone, either another user or the ISP is screwing
with my wifi connection.  

I pay for this connection but I am not the primary account holder.

Any help appreciated. Is Jeff still around? Thanks.

Re: My symptoms, what is the disease?
On Wed, 16 Jan 2019 11:51:41 +0000 (UTC), wifidummy

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Yes, but I'm out of service until after Jan 22, when I schedules to
have some kidney stones removed.  No brain for a few days.

I don't know what's wrong with your setup.  Something is causing
either your badly specified router or your equally badly specified
Windoze 7 computah to disconnect the wi-fi.  That could be any of a
dozen possible causes that I don't have the patience to slog through
right now.  Starting with my best guess:
- Crappy wireless router or router power supply.  Try to determine if
the router is rebooting itself erratically.
- Interference from microwave oven, wireless security camera, media
player, or other streaming source of RF garbage.
- Something wrong in your Win 7 machine, OS, wireless device, wireless
driver, wireless connection manager, wireless performance monitor,
- Duplicate MAC address caused by anonymizing utility.
- Whatever else I forgot.

Good luck

Jeff Liebermann
150 Felker St #D
Santa Cruz CA 95060
Skype: JeffLiebermann     AE6KS    831-336-2558

Re: My symptoms, what is the disease?

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Thanks much Jeff. Best of luck with the kidney stone removal. Take a  
close look at your diet, many things (vit c, etc, supplements, certain  
foods) can precipitate kidney stones. is a really good  
resource and search engine that will give you good info that doctors  
haven't even considered.

Re: My symptoms, what is the disease?

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You were right as usual. ipconfig reports device is not connected until I  
eject the alfa adapter and reinsert, then I can get an IP, otherwise it  
keeps trying to get an ip and fails. Maybe have to reinstall windows.  
Once I am connected everything is fine.

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