MIMO router required that shares bandwidth (plus ideally splits network).

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Hi there,

I want to obtain a MIMO wireless router for my broadband connection as I
have weak signal in some rooms. I'm told the Belkin device is very good
(better then the netgear) however I was really hoping for a router that
would allow me to separate bandwidth.

I have lodgers in my house who will share bandwidth and I would like to be
able to divide out the bandwidth. Also ideally I would be able to really
hide my shared files from my lodgers so that only my laptop can see the
files on my server (also on the same network).

Are there any routers that allow to create effectively two networks but
having different IP address ranges?

Or how can I make it easy for me to access the files on my Windows server,
but not my lodgers (before I just opened up shared folders, but now they are
on the same network I don't want then getting the files).

Kind regards


PS: Sorry for posting this in firewalls NG as well but I thought you guys
might also no this.

Re: MIMO router required that shares bandwidth (plus ideally splits network).

I don't know of a MIMO router that would do it.. but this application should
do the trick...

www.publicip.com - needs an old PC with 2 network cards and provides a
public access (or closed access) hotspot - and it's free...

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