Marriot WiFi blocking - how ?

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I was just randomly thinking about this....
How did Marriot block patrons from using their own WiFi hotspot ?
- jamming freqs wouln't work - as their own sigs would fail too
- hijack SSID would work for awhile
- only register MAC of real computers connected to network
- ???

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Re: Marriot WiFi blocking - how ?
On Sun, 1 Mar 2015 13:17:58 -0600, "ps56k"

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"Jamming" of sorts using Allot NetEnforcer.

Download the above file, save it somewhere, rename it
Gaylord_Publish.pdf, and you should be able to read it.
"Fair Share WiFi Access" = jamming

Basically, the NetEnforcer box detects "rogue" access points, and
floods the AP with deauth frames from a forged MAC address.  There are
similar systems from other vendors used to detect rogue access points
in corporate or secure environments.  

< #!original/alt.internet.wireless/kcnBJJ7yij4/putEmsuSvQ0J>

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Re: Marriot WiFi blocking - how ?

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thanks - will grab and read -
couldn't get my head around a way that would not disrupt the valid AP -
de WA9TKA -

Re: Marriot WiFi blocking - how ?
tnx - very interesting reading the various blogs on the topic -
and it's against the CLIENTS - telling THEM to disconnect,
while the AP just sits there...

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