looking for a hackable router

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I'm looking for a relativity inexpensive router that I can use to
relay Internet over wifi.

One feature that I would need is a router with detachable antenna. I
have cantenna that I would like to use, because I need to create a
directional wifi hotspot that is about 600ft from the router and in a
single direction.

A second feature is that I need is to be able to make a verifiable
wifi connection to the router even when the router is not connected to
the Internet. I would do this so that I can verify that the router is
within range and that I will be able to "get around" the few trees
between access points.

This router would connect to a second router that is connected to the
Internet. This could be a wired Ethernet connect or a wifi connection.
I would prefer to relay the wifi from channel 6 to some other
channel. Because it might easer to convince the person with the net
connection if I don't need to connect his router with Ethernet.
However don't believe this is possible in the price range I am looking
for. The router I would like to connect is ISP supplied and does not
have detachable antennas and it's wifi range really sucks. It doesn't
help that it is in a house with exterior sheet-metal paneling.

In addition feature that could come in handy is ip masquerading, I'm
not sure if I need this feature, I'm not sure if it is possible with
the computing power of in inexpensive router.  It would also be
interesting to use a router that runs Linux, but it would not be
completely necessary.

If your asking why I don't just get the ISP to service my place It
would take a whole 'nother long post to describe that.

Re: looking for a hackable router

CompUSA brand G routers can be configured as repeaters.  They are also cheap
($2.99 after rebate a couple of weeks ago), and have a detachable antenna
(RP-SMA).  You would probably have to hardwire connect the WAN interface on
one unit to the LAN that has internet access and then use the wireless
interface to create a repeater link to the remote CompUSA router.  You can
test the units out completely, even without having the WAN interface

Mike Schumann

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Re: looking for a hackable router

On 16 Jan 2006 17:23:48 -0800, in alt.internet.wireless , "Steven

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Quite a few support this - I have an SMC WBR2804 that has two
detachable antennae.

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all routers can do this, the wireless side is not dependent on the
internet side.

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Doing this wired is easy. Doing it wireless requires specific relay
hardware, and will be trickier. Few if any retail routers or APs can
act simultaneously as an AP and retransmitter. There /are/ a few, but
the cost is that you halve the performance for each retransmit leg,
and by the way, I recall that the same channel is used for both sides.
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This sounds like youre  trying to 'borrow' someone else's internet
connection. I trust this is being done above-board and with consent
from the owner and ISP.

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This definitely sounds dodgy. What do you mean by this? All routers
offer NAT capability, for what its worth. There's no need to further
conceal your real address.

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Which makes it sound even more dodgy... :-)
Mark McIntyre

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