Linksys WRT54G bridge /WDS question

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[wireless] WRT54G bridge /WDS question

I have a dilemma that I need some suggestions.I would like to

accomplish this mission with this hardware. I have in my basement a

cable modem with 1 WRT54GS the latest SVEASOFT firmware interfaced. The

WRT54GS is hooked up to the cable modem via the internet port on the

wireless WRT54GS router. To this wireless WRT54GS via one of the lan

ports a hard wired PC that I have no issues getting out on the

internet.I also have 40 feet away one WRT54G wireless router with

SVEASOFT latest firmware. I have 3 devices plugged into the lan ports a

PC,Laptop and a media extender. I do not have any devices plugged into

the internet port on this remote Wireless router.Can I get these three

devices to route out the basement WRT54GS router just wireless and

connect to the internet? I also would like all of my devices on the two

Wireless routers to see each other to share files. Can I do this with

just these devices or what equipment do I need? How would I accomplish

this? Any details would be greatly appreciated or feel free to ask for

more detail. Thanks



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