LinkSys WPC54G/WPC54GS & WXP

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I recently upgraded to a WRT54GS router, and installed new pcmcia cards
in 3 laptops (wife, 2 kids). The older WPC11 cards were deinstalled,
and I installed a WPC54G card on 1 laptop, and a WPC54GS card on 2
laptops. All three laptops run Windows XP (SP2).

Primary problem is, on wakeup from sleep, the laptop will not reconnect
to the wireless network automatically. Sometimes it will, but sometimes
it does not, and we have to go into the LinkSys utility, have it search
to find the wireless network, and then click on connect, at which point
it connects and works.

Second problem is, when it does work, it takes a (relatively) long time
- several minutes after wakeup before the green square LinkSys icon
appears in the toolbar on the lower right.

For several years with a BEFW11S4 and WPC11 cards, we never had this
problem, and reconnect on wakeup was very fast.

Security is not enabled.

Firmware is the latest (on the WRT54GS) - 4.70.6.

Worth noting is the fourth wireless computer on the network is my
PowerBook with an Airport Extreme card, running Mac OS X 10.4.2. I am
not having any reconnect problems.

I suspect this is WXP, WXP/LinkSys related, but wanted to query the
masses before beating my head against the wall.

Thanks mucho,

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