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Just got my new wifi adapter. In doing a scan I noticed one of the signals
reporting was listed as: "FREE PUBLIC WIFI" IBSS.

I tried to connect to this on an XP box, signal shot to 100% but nothing
happened after that. No working connection.

Is this some kind of "honey" trap? In the past I have been able to connect to
other signals and access the internet, but this one seems configured
differently. How is IBSS different from the other signals I am seeing?


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The Zombie Network: Beware 'Free Public WiFi'
by Travis Larchuk

It's in your airports, your coffee shops and your libraries:
"Free Public WiFi."

Despite its enticing name, the network, available in thousands
of locations across the United States, does not actually
provide access to the Internet. But like a virus, it has
spread -- and may even be lurking on your computer right now

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On Wed, 13 Oct 2010 03:53:57 +0000 (UTC), danny burstein

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That article isn't quite accurate.  It's a built in bug in the
Microsloth wireless client manager (WZC).  These articles are more

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Btw Microsoft may not be the only progenitor of this sort of behavior
... "Free Public WiFi" may be be coming soon to an iPhone near you!


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Yes, but what will they call it?  Some call it peer to peer.  Others
prefer Ad-Hoc.  The Wi-Fi Alliance calls it "Wi-Fi Direct".
Anyway, the iPhone has done peer to peer since iOS 3.0, and I haven't
seen the "Free Public Wi-Fi" SSID appear, yet.  I wouldn't want to
turn off peer to peer networking in my iphone as all the cool
multiplayer games need it.

Drivel:  The only encryption that reliably works in ad-hoc mode is
WEP.  Yech.

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