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Re: I need dual bank recommendation
On 6/9/19 1:46 PM, Jerry Peters wrote:
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Thank you!

Re: I need dual bank recommendation
On 6/9/19 1:46 PM, Jerry Peters wrote:
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Any unit you know comes with OpenWRT pre-installed?

Re: I need dual bank recommendation

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I was changing out my friends and customers Linksys EA2700 style
routers with Asus RT-AC66u.  The problem was that the Linksys EA2700
could not handle 100 to 150Mbits/sec throughput required by the
current crop of DOCSIS 3.0 routers.  That's on the gigabit ethernet
ports.  The EA2700 worked just fine at DSL speeds, but does badly
above about 50 Mbits/sec.  (No, it's not jumbo packets).

I was using AsusWRT-Merlin firmware because I wanted the latest bug
fixes and some better monitoring features on the assumption that Asus
would not update their older models.
Wrong.  The recent discovery of some serious exploits resulted in the
release of security upgrades for some of the low end routers,
including the RT-AC66U.  So, now I'm swinging back to the stock Asus
firmware.  Indecision is the key to flexibility.

Last year, the author of AsusWRT-Merlin decided to no longer support
the lower end of the Asus router series.  The RT-N66U, RT-AC66U, and
some others that I'm too lazy to lookup.  So, I've switched to the
The problem here is the large number of used T-mobile TM-AC1900
routers on eBay.  It is possible to install Linksys or Merlin firmware
on these, but it's tricky.
I managed to brick one last week while trying to be creative with the
instructions.  So, if you avoid the TM-AC1900 model and get the real
RT-AC68U, you should be ok.  The bad news is that they're about $150
new.  The good news is that they're quite reliable, will easily route
at Comcast cable modem 150MBit/sec download speeds, are quite fast to
laptops and desktops that can do 802.11AC (5GHz only), and seem to be
quite reliable.  I'm still playing with the built in mesh networking
(AiMesh) which seems to be useful.

Currently, I have only one business and three residential
installations using Asus wireless routers.  Also, my next door
neighbor and myself which is where I run my tests and experiments.
That's not really enough history to make a proper recommendation, but
if you're not sure what you, these would be a good start.

Ubiquiti appeared in this discussion.  I have 5 point to point
wireless bridges build with various Ubiquiti radios.  These are a mix
of LocoM2, BulletM2 and M5, and Litebeam M5 models.  Other than some
performance optimization and some firmware updates, I haven't had to
touch these after installation.  The bad news here is that much of the
used Ubiquiti hardware sold on eBay are early version hardware that
cannot be updated to the latest firmware.  It still works, but not
very well.  I got stuck with a pair of Bullet M5 radios with this
problem.  Since then, I've been buying new radios.

While setting up an Asus router is fairly easy using their built in
setup walk through, Ubiquiti is not easy.  The settings are all there,
but often scattered on different pages, or well hidden.  For example,
the wireless password is a tiny "?" icon next to the SSID box.
Fortunately, there are a fair number of walk through videos and web
pages that will help.  Nifty built in features, like a spectrum
analyzer to find empty channels and interference.

Jeff Liebermann     jeffl@cruzio.com
150 Felker St #D    http://www.LearnByDestroying.com
Santa Cruz CA 95060 http://802.11junk.com
Skype: JeffLiebermann     AE6KS    831-336-2558

Re: I need dual bank recommendation
On 6/9/19 8:59 PM, Jeff Liebermann wrote:
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Thank you!  I will give ASUS a look!

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