how to switch between wifi and cable?

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So I have a laptop that has to be connected to a network. Depending on  
circomstances the network has either wifi or cable . But changing is a real  
pain as browsers do not swich automatically. Today it's on W10 but on W7 and  
XP it did not work too often.  On W7 and XP it sometimes helped to switch  
off wifi or disconnect the cable. But on W10 it does not seem to make a  
difference.  Renewing the settings (ipconfig  /release and /renew) does nor  
work either. Anyone can tell how to force a browser to use the resource  

petrus bitbyter  

Re: how to switch between wifi and cable?
On Mon, 26 Sep 2016 12:50:11 +0200, "petrus bitbyter"

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Read about "route metrics".  The value (or rather cost) of the metric
determines the cheapest route to the internet.  Here's a bad example
from my machine:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It's a bad example because I have two routes (ethernet and wi-fi) both
going to the same wireless router, making it difficult to distinguish
between them.

Windoze has a feature called "automatic metric" that is suppose to
deal with selecting the preferred route:
"An explanation of the Automatic Metric feature for IPv4 routes"
The problem is that ethernet and wi-fi have the same metric value.

You can change the metric value from the CMD line to select your
favorite route.
"Forcing Windows 7 to use wired when available"

However, I'm lazy.  I just go to the wi-fi adapter icon buried
somewhere in the control panel, right click, and enable/disable as

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