How to connect 2nd computer?

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I have a D-Link DSL-G624T router. It is set up. I connect to the
Internet via this router from a laptop. I bought a new PC recently:
Dell with Windows Vista. How can I set up wireless connection of this
new PC via the router to Internet? Thank you.

Re: How to connect 2nd computer?
galkas wrote...
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When I put your question in Google, I found this.

  Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
  Teach him to fish and his wife will never forgive you.

Do your new PC have a wireless client adapter?
If so, what have you done so far on your new PC?
Box open? Power chord plugged in? Booted up?
Can you see the wireless conection icon at the system tray?
What does it say? If not yet connected, try to connect to
your router? You know the SSID of your router? Your router
is using encrypted connection? You know the password/key of
your encrypted connection? Well, if that are too much for
you, maybe locate another human being to help you.
Ask your kid if you are a parent; and ask your parent if you
are a kid.

Re: How to connect 2nd computer?
On Jan 20, 4:09=A0am, harryooopot...@hotmail.co_ (Harry331) wrote:
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Oh, well very clever. Regretfully maximum what my kid can do is to
find a web site, if anything is set up. Parents died before the
computer era.
I have found a D-Link AirPlus divice and installed it's driver. I see
several wireless networks and try to connect to my D-link wireless. I
enter the security code and get sort of connection. The message is:
"This computer is connected to DLINK_WIRELESS but does not have access
to the internet. This may be caused by an incorrect WEP key or low
wireless signal strength. If you are connecting to a wireless hotspot
you might need to open a web browser to finish connecting." Any advise
from this point on?

I shall try to telephone to supplier of course, but 1. they are in
India and we hardly understand each other, 2. they provide support
till 6 pm only. I rarely can return from work before 6 pm.


Re: How to connect 2nd computer?

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From your OP, you mentioned the following.
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Does your laptop connect to Internet via wireless?
If so, you have had a working router setup already.
Otherwise, the chance is that you have not set up your router
Then start with your router documentation.

Re: How to connect 2nd computer?
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Yes, I have router set up already. I do not need to start with
router's documentation. I think I discribed the problem and where I am
quite clearly. I even copied what message I get. Did you read it? Kids
of course are great, but I am sure there are other forums to chat
about them. This forum is supposed to be technical one, isn't it?

Re: How to connect 2nd computer?
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You still haven't answer my question. I know you have setup your
router already.
But is there any indication that it is working wirelessly?
If your laptop is using wire connection to your router, say so.
If your laptop is using wireless connection to your router, say so.
Don't make other people guess.

I assume (again, because you don't even bother to confirm) you have an
that your wireless part of your router is working. Then, the only part
of your puzzle
is that your new PC is not configured *wirelessly* the same way as
your laptop did.

So, it comes naturally that you should configure your new PC the same
way as you
did with your laptop.

Good luck.

Re: How to connect 2nd computer?

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You may be amused by what kids could you, if they
have enough motivation.

There was a time my kid played online games at the
middle of nights, behind my back.
Then I created an auto task to shutdown the laptop
if the task detected that it is night time.
But then my kid changed the time zone once he login.
And he has defeated me.

And now, I lock the laptop physically during night time.

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