Help with Linksys WRT54G setup?

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I'm trying to help a neighbor get wireless setup working with their
Linksys WRT54G and a Toshiba Satellite M55.  They also have a desktop
going into one of the LAN ports, which is working.

The WRT54G has a password set on it, which they can't remember because
someone else set the Linksys up for them awhile ago.  I found the
following info for resetting the Linksys to defaults (""/"admin"):

But, before I try that, I wanted to ask about the current behavior that
I saw when I was over there today.  I haven't worked with the WRT54G
before, so I'm not that familiar with it.


They have the WRT54G in their library, on the 1st floor.  The
SSID/network ID is set to "linksys", and according to them, it was setup
with a WEP(?) password.

I enabled the wireless on the Toshiba (there's a small switch on the
front edge that I flipped to 'on', and I enabled the wireless connection
under Windows).

Now, on the laptop, if I go to "View networks", I could OCCASIONALLY
(but not always) see "linksys" appear on the list of networks.  The
signal was very weak... something like 1 bar.

I moved the to the library, and even then, I could only see like 1 bar
during those times that I could even see the "linksys" network at all.

As mentioned above, I'm not that familiar with the WRT54G, so I was
wondering if anyone might be able to suggest why the signal seemed so
weak (again, to the point that I the Toshiba couldn't even see the
"linksys" network sometimes)??

With the WRT54G, do you have to configure it to a specific channel?  I'm
thinking that there may be several other WIFI access points in the
neighborhood (including mine, which is an old R1000, "B" only), and that
this neighbor's WRT54G may be using the same channel as another way, and
it may be overwhelmed?  Is that a possibility?


Re: Help with Linksys WRT54G setup?

ohaya wrote:
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That procedure will reset it. Use your browser to go to .
 From there you should be able to set up whatever you need.

Re: Help with Linksys WRT54G setup?

Jerry Park wrote:
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In their case, it looks like whoever set the Linksys up set it to
10.0.10 subnet.

In any event, I already did point a browser to .  I got
the login page, but like I said, they couldn't remember the password

I would rather avoid resetting to default, but I may have to if they
can't recall the password.

In the meantime, I am looking for ideas about the problems that I
described above, where I couldn't even detect the network most of the

I've been reading through the router guide, and I suspect a couple of

- They might have set it to "B only"?
- They might be on a channel that has a lot of interference.

I suspect the latter, because several other network IDs showed up, but
the former is also possible, because up until trying the Toshiba M55,
they had only a desktop with a WIFI PCI card working, and that was setup
about 2+ years ago.

Any suggestion/comments?


Re: Help with Linksys WRT54G setup?

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If they can't remember the password, you really are going to have to
whack it over the head and start over.  Make sure you update to the
latest firmware, and look into picking another channel.  Use
NetStumbler to look for other networks, or try 1, 6, and 11 and see
which one works best.

The low range sounds strange, but you can't even tell if they are (for
instance) running some alternate firmware with the power turned all
the way down...

Re: Help with Linksys WRT54G setup?

"William P.N. Smith" wrote:
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Hi William,

Knowing these people, I doubt very much if they are running any
alternate firmware.  I'm pretty sure that the Linksys "out-of-the-box",
other than the settings that were configured (by someone else).


Re: Help with Linksys WRT54G setup?

ohaya wrote:
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Have they actually had the wireless set up working before as it sounds
as if the Tx is disabled and you are only seeing neighbouring AP's etc?
If you wish to have a little play with the WRT54G web interface try (courtesy of Jeff)

Re: Help with Linksys WRT54G setup?

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For what it is worth, on some laptops I have setup, when connecting to wep
the signal strength reports as weak or non existent until you actully enter
the network key and connect., then the reported signal jumps up to high.


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