From the Archives: Hi-Tech Guru Offers a (Micro)Chip for Your Thoughts

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From the Archives:

May 15, 2000

Privacy advocates fear that as rapid advances are made in technology, the p
ersonal lives of Americans may be shadowed by a cloud no bigger than a comp
uter chip.

MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor proposes uploading information direct  
to people's brains via computer chip. One proposal, drawn from a recent sci
ence fiction film, is close to reality.

Michael Saylor the 35-year-old founder of MicroStrategy, who perhaps is mos
t famous for watching his personal net stock worth drop $6 billion in a sin
gle morning without whimpering is involved with the concept.

Saylor wants to beam information directly into your mind; he calls it "tele
pathic intelligence."

Saylor would do it by having a tiny transmitter surgically implanted in you
r skull or by sewing a computer chip into your wrist and having it transmit
 to an embedded radiolike device near your ear bones.

His computers already process a mammoth amount of data; pertinent portions  
would be tailored to your life and interests, then transmitted to brain or  
ear instantaneously 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your stock is tanking sell. You're on the wrong street turn here. Your spou
se wrecked the other car call the insurance company. Your house is being bu
rglarized call the cops. The doctor called in your prescription visit the p

"I don't know who in their right mind would let somebody implant this in th
eir head," says Fordham University Law School professor Joel Reidenberg, an
 expert on information privacy. "To the extent that we begin to create a sy
stem of automatons responding to chip implants in people's brains, we will  
be destroying the foundations of a democratic society.

"Without question, there would be a great opportunity for mischief here."

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