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Any experience with this product anyone?  I wanted to start a thread on
this product and see if anyone else has any comments on the product or
similiar problems as described below.  All of my configuration and
troubleshooting is done via telnet.  I can give LOTs of more
information if anyone is interested.

Issue #1) The first is that when I configure the DWL-3200AP with VLAN
support, the AP reboots on random intervals.  I have 16 in the school
and they all reboot completely randomly and independently of one
another when configured with multi-SSID support on VLANs.  When I
disable VLAN support, no reboots!

Issue #2) When modifying the transmit power level, the power level
never actually get's reduced.  Let me show:
AP-Weightroom wlan1 -> get power
TransmitPower: half (-3 dB)
Current Transmit Output Power 22.0 dBm
AP-Weightroom wlan1 -> set power min
Transmit Power: Min
AP-Weightroom wlan1 -> reboot
AP-Weightroom wlan1 -> get power
TransmitPower: min
Current Transmit Output Power 22.0 dBm

Regarding #1, here is my config script for what DOES cause a reboot and
what does NOT:

DOES reboot APs:
set ssidsuppress disable
set multi-state enable
set vlanstate enable
set nativevlan 16
set ssid Borgia
set vlantag 15    # (Also tried 16)
set encryption disable
set multi-ind-state enable 0
set multi-ssid 0 FacultyWLAN
set multi-authentication open-system 0
set multi-cipher wep 0
set multi-keyentrymethod asciitext 0
set multi-vlantag 13 0
set multi-key 104 [blanked] 1 0
set multi-encryption enable 0
set multi-ind-state enable 1
set multi-ssid 1 StudentWLAN
set multi-authentication open-system 1
set multi-cipher wep 1
set multi-keyentrymethod asciitext 1
set multi-vlantag 14 1
set multi-key 104 [blanked] 2 1
set multi-encryption enable 1
set multi-ind-state disable 2
set multi-ssid 2 C
set multi-encryption disable 2

Does NOT reboot the APs:
set vlan disable
set vlanstate disable
set multi-state disable
set multi-ind-state disable 0
set multi-ssid 0 A
set multi-encryption disable 0
set multi-ind-state disable 1
set multi-ssid 1 B
set multi-encryption disable 1
set multi-ind-state disable 2
set multi-ssid 2 C
set multi-encryption disable 2
set ssid FacultyWLAN
set ssidsuppress disable
set authentication open-system
set cipher wep
set encryption enable
set keyentrymethod asciitext
set key 1 104 [blanked]
set key 1 default

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