Draytek routers with QoS

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I considering purchasing a Draytek router for a Cisco 7960 phone.  I've
heard great comments about Draytek, but I noticed that most of their
VOIP routers have 2 voip ports on the back.  This concerns me because
this may be for the use of analog phones and they may concentrate their
QoS to only the analog phones.

Does anyone know if they do QoS on all ports and not just the VOIP

Re: Draytek routers with QoS

The Draytek 2600VG has general set up for priority traffic, i.e. you can set
priorities for different kinds of traffic yourself. As per factory setting
no priorities are set at all, not even for VoIP.
The set up isn't straight forward, I had to refer to Draytek's support
website to fathom it out.
Great piece of kit, utterly reliable.

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