disconnecting my wireless router.

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Hello, I am in the process of moving my residence. I currently am
using wireless connection for my internet as well as to connect 2
replay tv's to communicate with each other. I would like to disconnect
my wireless router to enable me to move it to my new home. Once its
disconnected, my computer does not connect to the internet after I've
plugged the cable from the modem into my computer. Obviously I'm
missing some steps. Can anyone help?
Thank you ever so much.

Re: disconnecting my wireless router.

Wed, 13 Jun 2007 06:04:21 -0700,  wrote:

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Comcast customer, right?

If you change the NIC connected to a Comcast modem, you need to power
cycle the modem.  Unplug your modem, wait 30 seconds, plug it back in.

Seth Goodman

Re: disconnecting my wireless router.

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Hey Seth,
Thanks for the information, but it did not work. I am using a d-link
router and yes a modem via comcast. I power cycled the modem but when
I plugged it back in, it did not work. Any other ideas?

Again, thank you.

Re: disconnecting my wireless router.

On Wed, 13 Jun 2007 19:23:38 -0000, Ssaz518@gmail.com wrote in

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What's happening on the computer?  Does it see the network cable?  Do
you have the right kind of cable?  Does it try and fail to get a DHCP
address?  Extra points for telling us the exact models of all hardware,
firmware versions, and computer OS.

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