Can wifi router become a "ethernet bridge"?

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I have two wifi routers (each with 4 port switch (DL-614 and AR525W)
that are currently not being used. I connected each of these to my
ethernet port and access the setup page (at and respectively, but I do not see any word that says it can
be a client. To all the experts here, I am not sure if these can be
made into an "ethernet bridge". Can it?
What I'd like to do here is to connect my desktop PC and network eady
printer to the LAN ports, and allow wifi to bridge the TCP/IP traffic
to my main wifi router.

I also don't see how this client router can be setup to accept my WEP/
WPA setting so it will submit that when trying to connect to my main
router. The setup page have no place to enter these keys.


My main router has WPA enabled, and the net address allowed are from to
I've disabled DHCP server in the airlink and change its IP to for grins, but it was not seen by the main wifi router.

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