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Hello all...

I have a Linksys 4-port / wireless router WRT54G.

I have 2 Gateway laptops.  #1 has a docking station hooked to router
with ethernet cable - internet runs just fine.  The other Gateway
laptop (we'll call it #2) is running on the wireless just fine.

The #2 laptop sees the SSID being broadcast.  I have changed a few
settings in trying to get #1 laptop to see the wireless network so I'll
be brief about those changes...I've removed all security of wireless
network - no luck on #1, I've had MAC filtering on and off - no luck on
#1, WEP settings - no luck on #1, etc.

When all security is off, #2 connects and see my SSID automatically.
#1 can't even see it in the view wireless networks screen (and I'm
sitting 2 feet from the router with both machines right now).

When I implement different security, like MAC filtering, #2 still
connects as I have both machines' MAC addresses configured in the MAC
Wireless security settings.

When I implement WPA Personal security and put in my WPA Shared Key on
#2, it connects just fine.

I've seen some other threads on the web about these, so I'll mention
that Event Services is Started and Wireless Zero Configuration is also

I simply can't figure out why #1 can't even see my SSID being broadcast
(problem exists whether the laptop is docked or not).  I tried doing a
Windows Wireless Repair and all I got was the following message:

"Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the
following action cannot be completed:
Connecting to the wireless network.

For assistance, contact the person who manages your network."
Problem is that person is me :).

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!!!

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