Buffalo WLE-HG-NDR

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I have an access point about 200 feet away.  It's a Linksys WRT54G.  It
has Satori firmware with the power turned up to 75 mw.

The PC has a Buffalo WLI-PCI-G54 wireless card.  It came with a WLE-NDR
antenna (not the "high gain" one).  I also made a WindSurfer antenna to
use with it (see http://www.freeantennas.com/prod03.htm ).  With the
WindSurfer antenna and the non-high gain antenna, I get a -72 dBm SNR
in NetStumbler.  This gives me 2 or 3 bars in Windows, but the signal
drops out occasionally.  I suspect this is because although my AP has
the power cranked up, the Buffalo antenna doesn't have enough power to
transmit data back to it consistantly.  With the same antenna without
the WindSurfer, I get -68 dBm.

So I decided to buy the Buffalo WLE-HG-NDR.  It says on the box that it
will boost my signal up to 200%.  So I thought I would test this with
NetStumbler.  Well, I got about -74 to -76 dBm WITH the WindSurfer
antenna.  Without it, I got a broken signal and it didn't work at all.

I contacted Buffalo by e-mail a few days ago, and still haven't heard
back from them.  They haven't even sent me an automated acknowledgement
e-mail.  So I thought one of you might have an answer as to why the new
"better" antenna doesn't work as well as the old one.  Any tips as to
how I can get it working better?  Both antennas are indoor,

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