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Re: Buffalo is back
On Mon, 26 Jan 2009 08:37:27 -0800 (PST), seaweedsl

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Yep.  Nice to have Buffalo products back.

However, CSIRO is still on my evil bad guys list.  The same patent
that derailed Buffalo Tech, is also slowing down progress on 802.11n
standards development.  The 802.11 working group chair sent a letter
to CISRO asking for a Letter of Assurance that they would not sue
anyone implementing 802.11n.  The reply was a diplomatic "no way and
we'll see you in court".
So, I'm still boycotting Australian products, if I can ever find any.

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Re: Buffalo is back

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Too right, mate. No more Foster's bloody lager for this little vegemite.

No more Vegemite, either, I reckon, not for Mrs. Oates's little boy.
W. Oates

Re: Buffalo is back
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Bbbb'ut, they have never been away!

For some reason they have been on sale in Europe
without interruption - I understand.

Well obviously 'cos the injunction did not apply:)

Just in case you are interested.

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