Bluetooth tethering

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Recently I setup Bluetooth tethering between a tablet and phone and it works better than I expected. I was able to watch Netflix with no problem at all, although two VOIP phone programs said I wasn't connect to internet and wouldn't work.

I don't know how often I'll ever use that since I've got a netgear hotspot I use for mobile internet, pay only $25.00 per month, use VOIP phone programs, and don't subscribe to cell phone service for my phone.  

VOIP phone programs like Dingtone and talku have excellent quality and are free. There are others that work fairly well but some use a lot more ram and processor power even in standby waiting for a call.  

Dingtone and talku give you credits for clicking links and watching occasional video. You can buy credits, which I did a few times, but now just click advertisements to get free credits. When you do it everyday they give extra credits. I've got almost 3000 credits saved up on three different phone lines. It just takes a few minutes per day.

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