Blocked from wireless, but Windows Update still works

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My apartment area has a wireless internet service called Airimba that
you can pay for, but I don't use it. It's set up so that you can
connect to it freely, but if you try to browse the internet the Airimba
website loads in place of any website URL you type in; and of course
any other programs that try to access the internet just don't do
anything. However, while I was connected to the Airimba service (having
not paid, so I wasn't using the net) Windows Update connected and
downloaded some updates! And it turned out I could also open the
Windows Update website with a web browser, but no other websites. Is
there a logical explanation for this? Is Windows Update somehow getting
around Airimba's security? (I wouldn't think they would just allow
Windows Update and nothing else...)

Re: Blocked from wireless, but Windows Update still works

come to think of it, I just said myself that the website for windows
update does work, so it would seem like they just allow that and no
other... but that's just strange...

Re: Blocked from wireless, but Windows Update still works

Quoted text here. Click to load it

-->It's called "captured portal" or "portal".
It snarfs any webpage you enter and redirects to a message page until you
All other protocols and  ports are usually blocked as well. It's up to
whomever set the system up.
The system I have at my place, I allow exceptions such as windowsupdate,, ( spyware checker )  and stuff as well.

Far be it from me to stop someone who wants to patch their system.........


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