2Wire working with Macs

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I have a new iBook and was having trouble connecting wireless to the
2Wire SBC DSL HomePortal.  There is no information posted on the 2Wire
website for mac users and I couldn't find any information posted
online.  Apple wanted to charge me $50 for tech support and I ended up
calling SBC.  The solution was very simple so I wanted to share online
in case anyone else was having the same problem.

1. Look on the bottom of the HomePortal and you will see two numbers,
the serial number on top and the wireless encryption number below it.

2. Open up your airport and click on your 2Wire ID.

3. When it asks for the password, type in "$" first and then your 10
digit wireless encryption number with no spaces.

4. Wait 30 seconds and it should now be working.

I was told that with newer operation systems you need the "$", but for
the older ones it may not be necessary.  Just wanted to get this out
there in case anyone else was having the same problem I was.  Hope this
is helpful.

Good luck.

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