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I'm not sure anyone can help, however, I would appreciate some
advice.  I have a Dell Laptop (Latitude D610) equipped with an AT&T
Global Client VPN. The router I am using at home is a NETGEAR WGR614
v6, supplied by my broadband cable company. I have 3 home computers
using the router without any issue. However, when I run my laptop (4th
computer) accessing my company website, using the VPN, my laptop will
"reboot" itsself anywhere from 1/2 hour to 2 hours later.This does not
happen when I bypass the router and run directly off the broadband
line. I've reset the router, bu that does not seem to help. Looking
for help!! Thanks, in advance.

glenn.r.holder@delphi.com writes:
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If the laptop is rebooting then the bug is either in the AT&T VPN
Client or some other software on the laptop.  You didn't say which
version you are using so if isn't the latest (7.3) then try upgrading.
If you are using the latest version then submit a bug report about the
AT&T VPN Client.

As to why the reboot only occurs when behind the NETGEAR, then one
possibility is that the bug in the VPN client is related to NAT.  When
you directly connect then there is no NAT and so the IKE protocol that
the VPN client uses does not detect any NAT and so all the encrypted
traffic uses the ESP protocol (protocol 50) directly.  When you
connect via the NETGEAR I assume you have it setup to NAT all outbound
traffic.  Thus the IKE protocol would detect NAT that the NETGEAR is
doing and extra code is run to handle the NAT and change the encrypted
traffic to use UDP encapsulated ESP.  Given that the reboot doesn't
happen right away then the bug may related to re-keying or it could be
an uninitialized memory read and most of the time it reads a benign
value but if you run it long enough then eventually the uninitialized
value is not benign and it causes a crash and reboot.

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