VPN and Local access

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I'm using VPN from home through DSL to get in to my company's network.
I use the Contivity VPN Client V04_65.26 from Nortel Networks.  I have
two machines behind my DSL router, my work machine and my home machine.
I only use VPN on the work machine, WinXP Pro SP2.  My home machine is
XP Pro SP1.  Work machine is directly connected to the DSL box, home
machine is using Wireless networking to the builtin Wireless in my
2WIRE DSL box.  Home machine belongs to MSHOME workgroup.

When VPN is not connected on my work machine, I can access my home machine
just fine through the network (use shared printers, shared folder, etc.).
As soon as I do a VPN connect, my home machine is no longer available.

My logon to Windows is to a domain server within the corporate firewall.
My work PC joins that domain.

Any ideas how to get access to my home machine while I am logged in to VPN?

Don Payette
Unisys Corp.
Don Payette
Unisys Corporation
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Re: VPN and Local access

Don Payette wrote:
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This is the way it is supposed to work.  Your administrator has setup
the VPN settings to block access to your local internet and network
connections to prevent someone from using a security hole on your
computer to access the corporate network while you are connected.

The most famous example of this was when a Microsoft employee has their
home computer comprimised leading the cracker to have access to the
internal Microsoft network via his VPN connection.

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