Swiss VPN

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Why be stuck with the ip address from your local internet service
provider? We understand that there are times you wish to remain
anonymous, need a country specific ip address for gaming or more
security. Did you know that your local internet service provider offers
you no security while you are online? Thats right, absolutely none!

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What can we do? We can provide you with secured internet access backed
with encryption, a new ip address from any of our 10 countries (United
States, United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany,
Luxembourg, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and The Netherlands), which makes you
and your computer invisible online. You can't be attacked if no one
knows your real ip address.

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If its security your concerned about, our Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
and Secure Shell (SSH) accounts have you covered. With one of our ip
addresses you can appear to be from any country! We have highly secured
dedicated servers located strategically around the globe to keep you
completely safe, unhackable, and untraceable.

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We all know that certain media providers, gaming websites, and other
enjoyable online activities restrict internet surfers to specific
countries in order to access their services. Well, we believe that
everyone deserves an equal chance to enjoy themselves online and we can
completely mask your appearance and make any website or gaming service
think you are from any of the countries we have our dedicated networks in.

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