RVS4000 QuickVPN setup

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Dear All,

We have a Linksys RVS4000 VPN router running on our system.  We have
an AT&T radio modem with associated phone system.  We're using a
dyndns account as we have a dynamic IP from AT&T, for which we've
configured the router. The system is wired with the phone adaptor
between the router and the modem (is this correct?).  The dyndns
server does tell us that the IP has been updated every few hours, so
we have to assume that dyndns and the router are talking correctly.

Quoted text here. Click to load it
connection message:

Failed to establish connection
This could be caused by one of the following:
1. Incorrect Password
2. No valid IP address for the network card
3. Incorrect server address
4. You may need to disable your firewall

I've ruled out 1 and 4.  I'm using the correct dyndns name, so that
should rule out 3.  I'm not sure what point 2 means, which card it is
refering to.  I've also tried pinging our dyndns address and the IP
direct, which has always timed out.

My questions are:

Any ideas?
Do I need to change the location of the phone connector in the system?
Are there dyndns settings I'm missing?
Is there any significance to the pings not returning?

Thanks all!


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