mssql over VPN

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Hello !

I've established VPN connection between home (Windows XP HE) and work
network (Windows XP HE). At work I've got software which is working
with msde. It's light version of mssql. I don't know too much about
vpn and mssql but what I've done:

I've setup alias (cliconfg) at my laptop. In local network it was work
fine (I was able to connect with server and use database). It doesn't
work via VPN. I can ping computer (by name and IP), check shared files
but I can't connect to database. Any solutions or ideas ?

Best regards

Re: mssql over VPN writes:
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MSDE by default doesn't listen on a TCP socket, so you wouldn't be
able to connect to it remotely over a VPN?

Its possible to make it do so by editing the registry and putting in
some magic values in the right spot as long as you run WinXP.
Later OS's try to protect you more..

So, unless you've done the magic, its not going to work?

Re: mssql over VPN
Doug McIntyre wrote:
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Not being far along in this area myself would it be possible for him to
setup msql to export the data on a timed basis to a local file at work.
  Import that data into an excel spreadsheet and then vpn into that
spreadsheet from home?  Just a possible workaround thought.  This has
been done on IBM AS400's in the past to get data into excel so it may
work here as well.

Just a thought.


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