forcing traffic over the vpn

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We have sites a b c connected by Netgear FVS318 tunnels. Each site has a
device at .90 and I'd like to force its traffic over the vpn tunnel so it's
session shows the ip of main site a.

Not sure if this explanation makes sense, hope so!

By the way, if the Netgear boxes don't do it, we also have a Sonicwall at
each site, we dont use its vpn at the present time.

Thanks in advance

Re: forcing traffic over the vpn
As per your words above i think you want to connetct SIte A,B,C all
together vis 1 VPN channel. IF that is the case.. You ca create Site
to site VPN or leased Line  or Remote dialing VPN

Can you explain what exactly you are trying to do .. ?

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