Dlink DFL-80 VPN router Dropping packets

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I have  a Dlink DFL-80 configured as a PPTP VPN server.  Over the
weekend I could connect to the router and ping the local ip address of
a server and printer without any problems over the VPN.    I also have
terminal server configured to passthru the router so I can remotely
connect to a server also.  Today I noticed that I could connect to the
VPN router using standard windows VPN client, ping the local address
of the router, http to the local address of the router, but could not
ping the server and printer.  I then term service connected to the
server and could ping the printer from the server.  I check the logged
on the dlink and noticed the traffic was getting dropped b/t my vpn
connection and the vpn router.  All ping and net use requests were
dropped.  I rebooted the router and it started all was working again.
What would cause this problem?  The router was only one for 2 days
since the last reboot......

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