Connection Issues with VPN and SSH Tunnel

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I'm getting a new smartphone soon and in preparation I'm trying to
learn VPN and SSH tunneling to cloak my smartphone data. I'm
practicing those technologies on my current elderly LG Vortex

SSH tunneling works OK but I can't get any VPNs to work. Both torvpn
and fastssh tunneling give me a different IP as expected. However,
although I successfully connect to the cjb SSH tunnel, I can't see any
web pages (or anything else Internet related). Before connecting I got
a notice that there was a problem with the security certificate from
that site. Is that a problem with cjb?

I configured a VPN to work on the Win8 VPN client but could not get it
to work on the Android's native client. I couldn't get it to work on
either WiFi or cellular data, or from a 3rd party Android VPN app.
There is no firewall blocking that I am aware of. Am I missing a key
or certificate configuration?

I was under the impression that if I add a VPN to my Android's hotspot
app, it would provide cloaking not only to the Android but also to any
devices connected to its hotspot. However, some VPN services mention
that they offer a limited number of device connections. Do I connect
the VPN to a hotspot to provide VPN to all devices, or must each
device set up its own VPN client? Thanks.

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