VOIP for home users?

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Can anyone tell me what the best voip servuce is for home users and the
pro cons and logistics of going about this (ie is it worth the hassle).
I am new to VOIP but as I understand it I can get much better rates than
if I was using my normal landline.

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Re: VOIP for home users?
On Wed, 22 Jun 2011 20:01:35 -0500, d678 <> wrote:

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The absolute BEST price is magicjack, at $20 a year after the
initial purchase of $40 for the device and the first year of service.

The quality of service is OK at best on ALL VOIP services I've tried,
and WILL be affected by other things you might be doing on the Net
(DLing large files, streaming audio/video).

But if you don't mind the few problems, you can save huge amounts of money.

Re: VOIP for home users?
On 6/23/2011 1:44 AM, HumBug! wrote:
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Magic Jack is OK but you have to keep your PC powered on if you expect
to get inbound or make outbound calls.

What I now use is called NetTALK.  It is slightly higher in price that
MagicJack but it does not require your PC to be powered on in order to
get/make phone calls.  Nice to be able to power off the PC at night but
still be able to receive calls from work or family or make one of those
emergency 911 calls.

NetTALK allows you to plug the device directly into your router
(Ethernet) OR be plugged into your PC (USB) to function.

Mine is normally down in the basement with the router and a small UPS.
I plugged my old house phone wiring into it and can use it just like my
old Ma Bell system.  Like MagicJack it is restricted to about 2 physical
phones with ringers but practically any number of extensions, with
ringers removed, can be used to make or answer actual calls.  You can
use a cordless phone and extensions if you need the line to ring in more
than two locations.

You can even purchase one at the Walmart web site (not yet in stores) if
you should want to purchase one from them.  No real discount at this
time but at least a major store brand has decided to begin selling them.

Re: VOIP for home users?
I've been a VoIP customer for more than 6 years and, more than a year ago,
switched to PhonePower. We're satisfied.

(If you're familiar with Google Voice you'll understand the kind of services you

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