Voicemaster / Sysmaster ‘session timeout’ 2010

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Happy New Year and prosperous 2010 for all forum members!  
Unfortunately 2010 for Sysmaster users has started with some misfortune:
VM/SM CRM problem: due to a system bug it’s impossible for users to login
into the system correctly through the CRM and web admin console.  
This is already second time Sysmaster makes such a ‘present’ for their
users, last time they did it in January 2007
Luckily, we are able to help in resolving this problem for all VM users.
We have made a patch to fix this issue quickly,
Contact me  directly to get professional assistance.    

e-mail: merlin.mayer(at)gmail.com
MSN: merlin@vfemail.net
Yahoo: merlin_mayer
Skype: VoIP_consultant
Best regards,    


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Re: Voicemaster / Sysmaster �session timeout� 2010

Sysmaster Login Problem 2010
January 2nd, 2010No comments

January 1st 2010 all
Sysmaster’s not upgraded to latest firmware experienced the problem that you
could not access to the web console.

Phased software versions where developers
hard-code some session expiration date to some far future date. At lease while
the developers work for the specific company.

The cookie expiration date has
been set to Jan 01 2010 and it was set on 2003

This is not a big issue, traffic
is not affected but access is not granted.

You can fix the access problem by
changing the date on your computer to 2009 and you will be able to login without
problems, however this is a fix not the solution to the problem.

We suggest you
give us a call for upgrade on your system

We will replace de sp_login and
sp_login_register upgrading 2010 to 2100

Contact us at sales@procomm100.com
or call us at 703-636-7111


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