Portaone SIP, BILL, UM, Bridge, Oracularius and Procinctus

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Dear All,

Let me offer you one of the most reliable and stable solutions for VoIP
retail business – Portaone!

New features:
1) centralized settings – possibility to make changes on all servers
through the centralized web interface. There’s also possibility to
switch configs.  
2) Linux based system
4) Much quicker web interface
3) sip over tcp is supported.

PortaSwitch consists of a soft-switch and application servers that provide
access to the IP Centrex/IP PBX feature set: Porta SIP, BILL (Master and
Slave) and UM.

PortaBilling100 - Customer management, provisioning and billing
software platform that allows fast launching, management of pricing and
provisioning for various prepaid, postpaid, and wholesale
telecommunication services, including Vonage- and Skype-like, CLEC type,
and many more.

PortaSIP - Class 4-5 softswitch offers many advanced calling
features such as follow-me, group pickup, call parking, NAT traversal,
presence, instant messaging, B2BUA, and RTP proxy.

PortaUM - Unified messaging system and a media server that plays
IVRs and features web and phone voicemail, an IMAP server for email
clients, auto attendant, hunt groups or follow me, message waiting,
abbreviated dialing, and support for SIP telephones.

Porta Bridge - conferencing bridge, where several end users to communicate
through the phone at the same time

PortaBilling Oracularius and PortaSwitch Procinctus are now available for

Scalable and highly stable LINUX based software, installed on minimum 4
servers is based on hardware dongles, which we send to your location Free
of charge!!!

We provide full installation, basic setup, tech support, configuration of
your system per your requirements.

Affordable prices, quick problem resolving, professional attitude!
Feel always free to contact me directly, e-mail: voip.skystar(at)gmail.com
MSN: skystar1(at)hotpop.com
Yahoo: bll_lng

Best regards,
Bill Ling

I do VoIP consulting, if you need anything in VoIP related sphere - just
mail me.
Software, support, trainings, troubleshooting, development...

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