low cost asterisk card

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 low cost asterisk card

wildcard TDM400P with 4 FXO/FXS modules,

Wildcard te110p - Asterisk card with 1 E1/T1 port,

We are looking for distributors,welcome to resell these cards.

See also http://www.chinaroby.com


Roby Technology Co., Limited

Email: gery668@hotmail.com
Web : www.chinaroby.com
MSN : gery668@hotmail.com
Skype ID: gery668
Tel : +86-755-83843088

[URL=http://www.chinaroby.com/english/ip-pbx.htm ] ip pbx [/URL]
[URL=http://www.chinaroby.com/english/TDM400P-40-asterisk-card.htm ]4 port
[URL=http://www.chinaroby.com/english/voip%20phone.htm ] voip phone [/URL]

[URL=http://www.chinaroby.com/english/Asterisk-card.htm ] isdn pri card
[URL=http://www.chinaroby.com/english/FXO%20module_tdm400p.htm ]fxo
[URL=http://www.chinaroby.com/english/RX-1E1-Asterisk-card.htm ]wildcard
[URL=http://www.chinaroby.com/english/FXS%20module_tdm400p.htm ] fxs card
[URL=http://www.chinaroby.com/english/GN-06-gateway%20ATA.htm ]voip
[URL=http://www.chinaroby.com/english/GW-08-gateway%20ATA.htm ]fxo ata[/URL]

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