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Cisco PGW2200 Softswitch
The Cisco PGW 2200 is a flexible multiprotocol Media Gateway Controller
(MGC) that provides a bridge between the legacy Public Switched Telephone
Network (PSTN) and next-generation packet networks—supporting either
simple Signaling System 7 (SS7) or C7 interconnect or providing
intelligent call control and routing functions.
The Cisco PGW 2200 provides a consistent, unified interconnection that can
handle dial-up services, Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP), Session
Initiation Protocol (SIP), and H.323, as well as future standards. The PGW
2200 allows service providers to deploy and operate multiple network
solutions while maintaining a stable interconnect to the PSTN.

Carrier-Grade and Central-Office Ready
The Cisco PGW 2200 is carrier-grade and central-office ready. The PGW 2200
supports a continuous service architecture with no single point of
failure. All critical components are deployed in redundant configurations,
and all stable calls are preserved in the event of a switchover. The
application software runs on Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS)
Level 3-certified UNIX open-computing platforms. These carrier-grade
servers, along with the continuous service software design, enable
carrier-class availability.

Cisco PGW 2200 Value Proposition
The PGW 2200 is an essential component of a service providers strategy for
migrating to emerging packet voice technologies. The Cisco PGW 2200
provides seamless interoperability between existing time-division
multiplexing (TDM) switches and new packet networks, allowing providers to
transition to more cost-effective and flexible services even while these
new technologies continue to evolve. This seamless interoperability is
achieved by introducing the power and dependability of SS7/C7 signaling
for interconnect with the packet voice networks.

The Cisco PGW 2200 allows providers to interconnect to the PSTN with more
cost-effective intermachine trunks (IMT) and SS7 links. The Cisco PGW 2200
brings C7/SS7 signaling that provides significant infrastructure cost
savings and time-to-market benefits over those using Primary Rate
Interfaces (PRIs) or channel associated signaling (CAS) signaling. This
creates an environment that improves a providers competitiveness and
reduces operational costs.

The Cisco PGW 2200, deployed with a voice gateway, also allows providers
to deploy new revenue-generating services, such as PSTN access for
business and residential packet voice applications. A provider also can
sell hosted business services to a number of customers, gaining from
economies of scale. All of these applications require a platform that
bridges the old-world TDM networks with new world IP-based networks.

In addition to operational cost savings and new services, the Cisco PGW
2200 provides a lower first port cost. The distributed nature of Voice
over IP (VoIP) solutions allows service providers to deploy a single PGW
2200 and a small number of gateways, and expand as the demand grows. This
flexible configuration of the PGW 2200 solutions is a key component of a
service providers portfolio. It allows them to capitalize on market
fluctuations by providing a cost-effective and rapid deployment vehicle.

Cisco PGW 2200 Applications
The Cisco PGW 2200 in conjunction with the Cisco AS5x00 Series and the
Cisco MGX® 8000 Series voice gateways forms a PSTN gateway for a variety
of applications, including international transport, national transport,
business voice, residential voice, PC-to-phone, Internet call waiting, and
dial termination services.

The Cisco PGW 2200 can be configured in two separate modes: signaling or
call control. The PGW 2200 configured for signaling provides an SS7
signaling interface for the Cisco AS5x00 Series voice gateways and access
servers. In this configuration, the PGW 2200 provides the SS7 signaling
interface, and the call control for the voice network is located in the
media gateways and gatekeepers throughout the network.

When configuring the Cisco PGW 2200 for call control, the PGW 2200
terminates the C7/SS7 links from the PSTN, performs numerous analysis and
routing decisions, and communicates with the media gateways through MGCP
while providing signaling to the H.323 or SIP network. In this
configuration, the PGW 2200 performs the primary functions of the call

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what it does reference links below.

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