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Can anyone help to provide some information on the following video
teleconferencing equipments?
i) Axis Video Server2401+
ii) Polycom VSX 3000
iii) Sony Video Conferencing System - PCS-1
I'm paricularly interested to know from your experience the
capabilities and reliabilities of the above equipments.

Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks

Re: Video teleconferencing equipments

Some good some less desired aspects....
MCU: 6 pt. MCU standard and not 4. If you can provide the bandwidth (323 or
320) it's a good to have.
Camera: No question that Sony has put their experience into this. Camera's
video quality and motor functions I found very good.
Stick Reader Port: Reads memory sticks for easy upgrades.
Mics: Good range on both the pod and the cannon mics. Good ambiance from the
pod. The cannon mic didn't filter out echo as well         as the pod but
still good
Price: very very attractive. Almost mind blowing.

Less Desired:
Card reader not USB. Sony proprietary.
Buttons: Small. Had some time not only getting familiar with them but they
were hard to read function.
Cables: There are a good amount of cables which come with the PCS1. A short
terminal cable from camera to codec so this might                 have to be
a special order if you want seperate the two components.
DSB: (data solutions box): for data transfer. it's another device which sits
on the table generates more clutter
ISDN module: Seperate from the codec so vulrable to another point of failure
besides the NT device.
Data Tx rate: the fps drops below 10 in calls so there's significant delay.
Very much delayed refresh rates so it's tough to do
animations. Does not apply to NTSC format.
Setting up: there are different set up dependant upon in/outbound calls.
Menus: Something to get used to as well. The color scheme is very bland (lt
grey and white) and the fonts are not eye friendly. White
lettering with a light background is hard to read from a distance.

There are many s/w updates. I'm not sure if you purchase MCU s/w for 320 and
323 seperately. Sony has stepped up their efforts in this industry. They
could turn out to be the Polycoms of the 2000s.

Overall, I think it's a good product but there are spotty areas which need

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