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I don't know if this is the right group to put this post
If it's not please can someone redirect me to the right group thank
you in advance, but i will put a post.

Good morning/afternoon/evening

I'm a student at a technical institute and I=92m making a report on
video conferencing.
I study Electro-Engineering.

Here's my question

I'm using a very old conferencing system
The Polycom picturetell PT 600 model
And I have a KPN Telecom NT1 Model S2 model.
I found out this is a 2B+D Connection

Meaning it has a 2 x 64 kbps (B channel) + 16 kbps (D Channel)

I was wondering "IS" this enough bandwidth to make a successful video
connection with another system. Let=92s say an abroad system. My system
is hooked up in clas at Curacao, is it possible to make a call to

Thank You In advance I really appreciate the help

If more information is needed I would gladly reply

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