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Is it possible to use Polycom's ViaVideo with
Netmeeting ?

Netmeeting seems not to recognize it as an input device.


Re: ViaVideo and Netmeeting

Actually, no there isn't.

To that point, I'm not sure why you'd want to. Why not use the ViaVideo
software or (now) the PVX software. It's made to work with the


Re: ViaVideo and Netmeeting

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Because I want to call Netmeeting user with a sort of
high-quality webcamera.

I have tried with ViaVideo software but it seems not working.


Re: ViaVideo and Netmeeting

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Ok, I will try it just for my curiousity, but I think ViaVideo
looks more as a professional tool, with full screen 30 fps image
capability, noise reduction and black circuit compensation.

The main problem with that seems to be PVX software that,
as usual with Polycom, is a proprietary application with no
interchange possibilities with the more wide used Netmeeting..

One solution to have better professional quality is to use a
camera as Sony EZD1, but it requires an acquisition board,
limiting its use with laptops.

Re: ViaVideo and Netmeeting


I've found that the free version of PVX works pretty well.
Additionally, the "pay" version (for about $200) has the H.264 algorith
built in, and allows you to make lower bandwidth video calls.

The "pay" version of PVX actually is made for use with a lot of
different USB cameras. As such, it is no longer proprietary.


Re: ViaVideo and Netmeeting

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Do you mean thet PVX, in bundle version with ViaVideo
or in the "pay" version as you say, works with Netmeeting ?

In the sense that you can call  in video and in voice
a Netmeeting Pc ?

Thanks for your patience.

Re: ViaVideo and Netmeeting

The free version allows you to use some of the newer features of PVX
with the Polycom ViaVideo. However, the pay version of PVX ($149)
allows you to use all of the newer features. In addition, I'm not sure
if you've ever realized this, but PVX/ViaVideo uses Netmeeting as it's
backend, and often adds functionality.

For instance, there is a new feature with PVX that allows you to show
your desktop in real time, not whiteboarding. This gives a better
ability to do presentations.


Re: ViaVideo and Netmeeting

I do not think that the camera in the Via Video is all that great
anyway.  The main advantage to the Via Video is that it has compression
hardware in the camera unit which reduces the demand on the CPU of your
PC.  As PCs get more powerful and cheaper this will be less important.

For a high quality web camera take a look at the Creative Labs WebCam
Live! Ultra.  It uses a CCD instead of CMOS for better picture quality
plus it comes with a nice headset for better audio quality.

I think it runs just under $100 US.

Here is a link:

Let us know how you make out.



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