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I know enough about our equipment (an Accord MGC-100 bridge and several
Polycom units) to be dangerous. Outside our in-house network, our
endpoints seem to have no problem with this, but we cannot keep
connected to a conference for more than 1 hour, 59 minutes, 59 seconds.
I'm thinking it's a firewall issue, but what do I know? I've found
nothing in the MGC Manager, PathNavigator, or the individual in-house
Polycoms (VSX7000, an older v.35, and a FX) setups to indicate
otherwise. The bridge doesn't disconnect anyone, the endpoints are
still connected, it's just our in-house equipment disconnects. Has
anyone else experienced this? I need to be able to discuss this
intelligently with our IS folks, who manage the firewall.

Re: Timeout Problems

You don't have the "Max Time In Call" set too low do you?

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Re: Timeout Problems

It's set for 480 minutes, which is the max "max time in call" I
believe. That was one of the first things I checked.

Re: Timeout Problems

mo wrote:
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Just for kicks, set the max time in call to 0 (I believe that is how you
deactivate the feature) and see if you still experience the disconnect

Re: Timeout Problems

A kind soul emailed a link, which discussed a timeout value on H225, in
the PIX. I sent this information to our firewall commander, who checked
it out. The solution was indeed a timeout value, but not on H225. It
was aTCP timeout, which he set for 10 hours.

I hope this information helps someone else who might be experiencing

Re: Timeout Problems

mo wrote:
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Thanks for the update.  I will keep it in mind if I ever run across this
problem in the future.

Glad you finally resolved the dilemna.


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