Push Pull Technology

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Just wondering if anybody heard of anything new in Push Pull Technology, I
know PointCast had some sort of server based app in 2000. and Burst.com is
doing something similar from way back, but one of my advisors said he seen
something something that was Push Pull Video last week at SuperComm but he
couldn't remember the booth.

Can't find anything on the web.

Thinking someone may have adapted it for Video Communications in real time.

One other thing has anyone every played with Motion Wavelets from
www.aware.com , if so can you tell me the what kind of real statistics you
are getting for real time video.

Neil L. Rideout
Neil L. Rideout
Multicast Engineer
Video Conferencing Consultant
Inventor - Comcaster, P/See Suite, Sincewas, and Camtrek
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