Perplexing Polycom PVX

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I have several users trying to use PVX for videoconferencing.

I am in San Diego.  I can connect to a user in Tokyo fine.
I can also connect to another user in San Diego.

The other user in San Diego can connect to me.
He cannot connect to Tokyo, ever.
He gets an error about an "intermediate network" not servicing the far
Polycom tech support has not been any help.

I'm sure his firewall is setup correctly.  Same ports as mine and he
can connect to me just fine.
As a matter of fact, I've put him in the DMZ and he still can't
I'am using a Linksys.  He has a Dlink.

Any ideas how I can fix this, or even suggestions for troubleshooting?

Re: Perplexing Polycom PVX


I know you have invested a lot in Polycom but would you be interested in
taking a look at an all software alternative, We have Japanese language
support in the product and there is a 30 day free trial. I will help you in
anyway I can to get you and your team up and running. Some of the biggest
companies in the world use our little software package, for example NEC. If
you want you can take a look at their training video for our product. All
you need is a webcam and a headset and it works well over most DSL routers
without any changes to the router.

NEC Training Video -

You can go to and download the software and get a 30 day
free trial if you like and please feel free to add me to your contact list
within the program and give me a call if you wish.

I recommend you download and use Version 3 if you like from the downloads
page on

Placecam costs about $35 dollars a month for a moderator and $25 a month for
a regular user. considerably less than Polycomm

Neil L. Rideout
Saratoga Oceanic DGI
5562 Sackville Street
Halifax, NS
B3J 1L1
Phone (902) 482-1293

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