I can't configure gnomemeeting 1.2.1

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Sorry for mi bat english.

I can't configure gnomemeeting 1.2.1
I do not manage to form a new address book.
I have that of seconix,
With that I can see the users of the above mentioned directory.
In previous versions in spite of the fact that writes the name of the
servant ils that already should want sufficient tapeworm, but in the
version 1.2.1 I have to refill fields of which I do not know the
meaning. I have copied the content of these fields from those of seconix
(that I know that it works) to those of the new notebook, changing only
the name of the servant ils, but does not work. In the faq of
www.genomemeeting.org, there is a dedicated paragraph to the
directories, but he does not explain like to form them. The earnings
that I find in Internet on the topic refer to versions previous to mine,
and do not serve me.
Is it known anybody where I can look for more information?

Greetings and thank you.

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