Help me about VC model

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 Hi everybody!
I read some about Video Conference (VC) but I can't find any model of
VC on LAN. I dont know what devices I must have to apply to my network.
Can you tell me exactly I must do? It's very well if there are some
graphics model.
 Thank you!

Re: Help me about VC model

What sort of information are you looking for? Do you need a
videoconferencing solution for your network?

Videoconferencing uses H.323 to communicate over ethernet networks.
There are a bunch of products that can help you do this right out of
the box. CamSys' store has a bunch to look over.

Re: Help me about VC model

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Try its a UK university video comms website with
guides and network info.


Re: Help me about VC model

You can buy this and you have
every thing you need, except a monitor to VC on your LAN.
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Re: Help me about VC model

I have a true Multicast Video conferencing app that I built and deployed
many years ago that only works on a LAN, (Because thats only where multicast
to the end user is available back in 2000)  It's very hard to set up but
once you set it up it works great. it requires 3 server programs and 2 query
programs and a client. I can send it to you if you want. It's only 6 way but
it has H-323 and G-711 Video and Audio. and it has Buddy Surfer, it's own
web browser, and all the bells. Great user database search and once working
it's as robust as a Sherman Tank.

You can see a picture of it here
second one from the top called P/See Suite

I've created something new called Emulated Multicast using Peer to Peer
based on my research with UDTP V3 ( Unified Datagram Traversing Protocol)
Version 3. I can send you the white papers on it if you want.

May I recommend just simply going with Camtrek - it's simplier solution but
hey if you want to put the work into P/See Suite is no problem. We can even
work a deal for the Open Source if you want.

Neil L. Rideout
Multicast Engineer
Video Conferencing Consultant
Inventor - Comcaster, P/See Suite, Sincewas, and Camtrek
and most importantly

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