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Want to compete with cable and satellite companies? That’s possible by
offering TV, Video-on-Demand, Audio-on-Demand, and Pay-per-View and other
services to your customers.

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) enables low-cost and globally scalable
delivery of multimedia content to end users. IPTV technology enables the
transport of high quality multimedia content over public networks, such as
the Internet. Because providers can leverage on existing global Internet
infrastructure, they gain the opportunity to enter into the following
segments and offer such services with very low cost and compete
successfully with established players like cable and satellite companies:

•    IP Television,
•    Video-on-Demand,
•    Pay-per-View
•    Online Radio,
•    User Audio
•    Alarm, wake up call
•    Picture slide show,
•    Chat
•    Weather, Currency, News, Stock Quotes
•    E-mail reader
•    Video/Audio call
•    Voicemail
•    Send SMS
•    And many others

Check online demo at
The solution features robust user authentication, powerful billing and CRM
capabilities, and intelligent content management. Utilizing advanced
compression codecs, such as MPEG4 for video and MP3 for audio, the
solution allows consistent delivery of high quality multimedia content to
subscribers even when network bandwidth is limited.
How does the solution work?

User experience

•    The user signs up for service with the service provider
•    The provider sends the user Tornado M10 Digital Media Center
•    The user connects the device to his broadband connection and to
his/her TV
•    After device installation, the user goes to the service provider’s
web site, logs in his/her account and enters the MAC address of the device
•    The user turns on the device and uses the remote control to select
among services, including IPTV, Video-on-Demand, Audio-on-Demand, Online
Radio, Pay-per-View and others

Service provider experience

•    Upon user sign up the system generates notification to the
•    The provider sends to the user Tornado M10 Digital Media Center
•    When user enters the MAC address of his device in the CRM portal, the
system associates the device MAC with the user account
•    When user selects a service, the Tornado M10 sends authorization
request to Content Management and Billing server
•    Based on account balance and permissions, the server authorizes
content delivery and sends signal to iptvStreaming server
•    iptvStreaming server pulls corresponding audio/video stream from
comboSwitch Media Concentrator or from file storage server and streams it
to Tornado M10
•    Tornado M10 decodes the stream and displays content on user’s TV

For more details please contact me directly at:
e-mail: Merlin.mayer(at)    
Yahoo: merlin_mayer

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